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Why A Dead Body Decomposes & How We Help in Ohio 

When a human body dies, the cells and organs that make up the body cease to function, and the body begins to undergo a process called decomposition. This process involves the breakdown of the body's tissues and organs by enzymes and bacteria, resulting in the release of gases and fluids.

The decomposition process can be accelerated or slowed down by various factors such as temperature, humidity, access to oxygen, and the presence of bacteria and insects. In general, the warmer and more humid the environment, the faster the decomposition process occurs. We explain this process in furhter detail under our unattended death cleanup services

When a body begins to decompose, it can release biohazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and tissue that can pose a significant health risk to humans due to the potential presence of pathogens and other harmful microorganisms. This is where a biohazard or our crime scene cleaning company in Ohio can help.

Our biohazard cleaning company in Ohio can provide professional and specialized cleaning services to safely and effectively clean up and decontaminate areas where a dead body has decomposed. Here are some of the steps a biohazard cleaning company can take to help:

  1. Removal of Biohazardous Materials: The first step in cleaning up after a decomposed body is to remove any biohazardous materials such as bodily fluids, tissue, and other potentially infectious materials from the area. A biohazard cleaning company in Ohio will have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely handle and dispose of these materials.  Biohazard include blood and other human debris that we explain further in our biohazard cleanup services

  2. Cleaning and Decontamination: Once all biohazardous materials have been removed, the area must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure the elimination of all harmful pathogens and microorganisms. A biohazard cleaning company in Ohio can use specialized cleaning agents and equipment to ensure a thorough cleaning.

  3. Restoration: After the area has been cleaned and disinfected, a biohazard cleaning company in Ohio can help restore the area to its pre-incident condition. This may involve replacing flooring or other materials that were contaminated or damaged during the decomposition process.

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